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Nickel belt series

Nickel Belt 4


Pure Nickel Belt / piece (nickel purity of 99.6% or more)

Thickness: 0.05 ~ 1.0mm Vickers hardness: S, 1/4H, 1/2H, 3/4H, H

To provide coils, sliced, or request of the guests made into different shapes die stamping, precision slitting to customers caused by 2mm wide

In line with EU standards, through the ROHS testing, SGS test report attached to provide such certification and import certificate.

Features: Has good luster, ductility, weldability

Applications: rechargeable battery pack in the connecting piece, very ears, leads to films, closure pieces, batteries, electronics, laptops, mobile phones, cordless power tools, electric bicycles, electric bicycle, pager, MP3, digital cameras and video recorders, Nickel-cadmium, nickel hydrogen, nickel battery packs, and instrumentation, telecommunications, electric vacuum, special light bulbs.