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CCTV´s global online live mouth The ancient legend of the Dragon Boat Festival


During the Dragon Boat Festival small long vacation, swinging mouth town build stage in the lively wonderful dragon-boat festival folk drama. Float is different, the mouth after the town of Dragon Boat Festival CCTV4 CCTV international's Chinese channel special Chinese festival dragon boat of legends, and CCTV13 news channel's news studio two show the success of the live wire, with the characteristics of creative dragon-boat festival custom and lively atmosphere, at the same time a time to share with audiences all over the world!

Famous host LuJian studio in Beijing introduced the mouth town, played swing mouth town feature film; Here on live radio, CCTV reporter with the Numbers "one", "2", "three", "five" several digital led the audience read together and hang calamus, hanging wormwood, five color line, dress in ruling, "eating" five yellow five white "and other folk, extremely close mouth dragon-boat festival features a comprehensive display.

Lens, non-material cultural heritage play lian xiang, open-work bear, lantern dance, a swinging mouth nursery rhymes of dragon boat, dragon dance lion dance and so on swings typical folk activities and the beautiful town of combination of real show extremely mouth oscillation characteristics of the Dragon Boat Festival symbols. A 16 meters long, 22 people common row dragon boat between white wall tiles, in bukchang river on both sides of the chants, chants, become a beautiful scenery line in drums.

It is worth noting that the oscillation mouth live nearly half of the day the performer only 4 to 6 years old, be on the same day all online broadcast of Chinese 12 regions around the world to participate in the activities of dragon boat in the youngest performers, reflects the heritage of the legendary Chinese festival meaning, reflects swings mouth people protect and carry forward the excellent traditional culture. The live events, once again the mouth on the CCTV platform, greatly improves the visibility and reputation of the ancient town, also reflects the mouth tourism highlights traditional culture characteristic, attaches great importance to the development direction of tourism culture innovation.