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Local Culture

Dangkou town day trips

Dangkou, ancient homes and Ding Ding village, located in South blue swing Swan Lake named. Wuxi is a city of history and culture, this Erhu Town, the saved ancient buildings have been included in the provincial cultural relics protection units. Today Sheng Yi River, preserved ancient buildings into a piece, there is the North River Street warehouse, the old cemetery Fahrenheit ancestor, Phoebe Hall, Hua Heng Fang former residence, the three Ancestral precious historical relics have thought Springs Pavilion, bow step stone, plant Fu Temple Theater and the like. In 2004, the town and the adjacent swing manna town merged into the town of Swan Lake. Dangkou town, is the only Chinese historical and cultural town of Wuxi City. Long history, outstanding, it is Hua Heng Fang, Hua Junwu, Wang Xin and other celebrities hometown.

Dangkou celebrity: Hua Heng Fang, Hua Junwu, Hua Shifang, Qian Weichang, Qian, Hua Qiuping, Wang Xin

Choose a sunny weekend, the sun warm, soft spring breeze, a man carrying a small bag Wuxi city bus ride, leisurely to look for that party town. Looked around 11:00 from the door on the left to see this scene, this moment the sun is not so far away.


Go straight from the door, you may be wondering that myself go left, or right away, but it does not matter, no matter where you end up being brought here one roof corner, you can choose to rely on the fence to get on an afternoon What we do not want, do not say anything, just sitting, small wind blowing, the sun will be with you, you might Imagine if we can come like a cup of tea, you can also just passing through here, seeking to fill , to poke her eyes.


You can see traces of the years in her do? No crystal clear water, nor wanton game fish, only these algae lying quietly here with you quietly in the sun, quietly watching the town ...


        Really sorry, a lot of photos of unknown cause of the damage can not be down, but the inside of the Youth League is really very authentic, delicious.

         Well, a short summary of it.

         If you are a man, if you do not happen to know where to go, what if every day is blue, the sun was warm, but if the day you do not want to idle idle ... for any reason, can take you to come here - ----- dangkou town, while she was still young, while she has not been wiped off the face of the secular, while she has not completely pulled to make money ...... you should take a look to see if she was a young girl look when.