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Local Culture

There is a kind of called as no less than the United States - the town of Wuzhen

They say that there is a kind of beauty called Wuzhen, that bridges the somebody else, can't help letting people covered with the Jiangnan moist water vapor; however, to swinging a mouth, you will find, her beauty, the beauty of no less than Wuzhen, Bangshui built streets, water, bridge, tree, house and blue days fangruo in common portrayed as a scroll.

A few years ago, who rode a bicycle has been swinging a mouth town, at that time, there are still residents lived, but is the demolition, so broken tattered and dirty, give me leave the impression is not very good. Some time ago, taking advantage of Sunday's noon sun, but also thinking about going there to see, after all, after the restoration of the ancient town has not seen its true face.

False if bridge, river, houses, streets, shops, snack is characteristic of small towns in the south of Yangtze River, so at first glance, this newly built town is basically similar, there is nothing special surprise, watch, or can, well matched the scene. Sometimes, it is precisely a ancient bridge, a blocking mottled old wall, a nostalgic shutter flash ajar picture window, a long distant small lane can traction your eyes light, make the mind through time and space, back to a long time ago.

Hua Heng Fang's former residence, is worth a visit, had been heard, read some of the pictures on the Internet, everyone seems to be too simple illegible, the inside a cursory glance again, entering into the courtyard, a heavy parentage, and false mountain ponds dotted, prepared to get partial hospital connection, and on the route of the curved around, for the first time into the inside a maze of illusion, also let a person see before a family picture, in spite of these devices is not necessarily when at the beginning of the scene, but can also be a space for imagination. Jiangnan used to have many private courtyard, from the appearance, with the ordinary people not much difference, there is no grand pomp and air facade, set foot in, just feel is so delicate and beautiful! Just outside you simply can not see, which may represent master a conservation and philosophy, not publicity, not arrogant, not vulgar, don't loufu, non conformity, not frivolous. Hua Hengfang achievements before in history textbooks attended to, in late Qing Dynasty famous mathematicians, scientists, especially and Xu Shou together to create China's first aircraft turbine is been known for a long time, the former residence of Fahrenheit now display is the these memorable treasures.

Fahrenheit Yizhuang also good! The courtyard, there are private schools, have halls, some can not erase the memory. From the point of view of these buildings, in the south, before clan power and influence is very far-reaching, surname of the gens, and mutual assistance, rich people with money and material output to come along to help poor families, let not read children's books to the cemetery of the Keio learning, to donate a kidney donated food aid difficult people, although only for a small range of clan groups, but is also impressive feat. Remember previously visited Huaihai Yi Zhuang, when I was a child was born in a poor family of Qian, Qian are in the cemetery received such treatment, before it has a chance to go out the talent and fame, social return and continue to add a family honor and glory. What about our present society? Think well of the truth, will help to build a truly beautiful and harmonious society!

Qiao is, Qian has here taught for a period of time, in a narrow and distant small alley, saw the renovated Qian Mu's former residence, a small, doors and windows closed. Qian Muwei was born in the seven house, which is not far from here, and later became a famous scholar, is one of the people I admire. Sometimes, I think, in every village and south of the town, in which I am familiar with the environment, can always find some learned people figure, his childhood was in such an environment to grow up, and we can also like these in the master had seemingly ordinary general, has gradually become a master of offspring to admire? Will that person be me?

On Sunday afternoon, the street of the town is a tourist, not very noisy, let alone is not crowded, I would rather this town a lonely little, not because of busy and noisy, just like the day general, quietly listening to the river flows, slowly see heaven and earth vicissitudes of life!